About Us

Formally Portavin Mobile Bottling, since 2007 Premium Estate Bottlers has been owned and operated by Bill Longford. It would be a guess as to how many cases have come off our production lines since 2007, well into the millions. Starting with 1 semi-trailer truck and a fleet of caravans in 2007, we now operate 2 semi length production lines for 12 months of the year. Based in Bendigo in Central Victoria, we package for 100’s of wineries throughout Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

The Crew

We have over 50 years experience in the wine bottling industry.

William ‘Bill’ Longford
Owner Operator

Bill has worked in the wine industry since 1999, starting with Portavin Victoria. He is obviously the most important asset in the company as he is the boss…..
When Bill isn’t steering the ship he still puts on the footy boots on a Saturday, although there are no records to support the stories, Bill has played over 500 games in his 30 year career.

Steven ‘Skip’ Skipper
Chief Bottling Technician

Skip, a man of few words but full of wisdom has been working in the wine bottling industry since 2002. This man knows everything there is to know about wine bottling and baseball. Also known for having the fastest pitching arm in Bendigo, just ask him, Skip continues to hold the Pool Table Champion title at the Barmah Hotel. Full-time problem solver, this is the man to call when you get in a difficult situation, making him the Yoda of wine bottling.

Zach ‘Stingray’ Porlai
Bottling Technician

Zach is the ‘good guy’ of bottling, you will never catch him without a smile on his face. From the moment he steps into the winery Zach fills the environment with positivity and sincerity, happy days for all involved. Stingray is also the self-proclaimed backbone of the company, legend has it that he once worked a 26 hour day in 24 hours. When this man is on the job it’s like Picasso going to work. With his calm and collective demeanor, he has proven himself to be a valuable asset to our bottling operations. Bottling days can be stressful but Zach’s calming and reassuring mannerisms puts all at ease.

Justin ‘Juddy’ Hancock
Bottling Technician

Justin, or Juddy, can only be described as the rounded team man of the organisation. Justin has been with the company for over 5 years and is a well balanced operator. He has an ability to turn a frown upside down regardless of the weather. Juddy loves the bottling game as much as David Boon loved a VB stubby and being under the helmet at short leg. Come to mind short is the fundamental physical description for Juddy, but don’t let that fool you, he’s everyone’s big brother here. If he isn’t clearing pickets or taking wickets on summer weekends he’ll be wetting the line down on the river. Always catch and release, because….. he is just that sort of guy.

Troy ‘McRoy’ Jenkins
Bottling Technician

Troy has been a valued employee for over 5 years with the company. Troy’s expertise and flexible nature ensures customer satisfaction. For some time we all thought that Troy’s family name was McRoy… What savage parents would do such a thing to a young lad? It came to light however that the great man Troy just loves a bit of maccas! He moonlights on weekends as the Hamburgler at the restaurant chain, so be vigilant at the next 6 year old birthday party if a few cheeseburgers go walkabout. McRoy could best be described in the animal kingdom as a panda bear; soft, cuddly, non aggressive and loves to eat bamboo… proabably. Unselfish in every aspect of his professional life, Troy would give you his last chewy in the pack if you wanted one. Great team man!